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Wenling Senke (formerly Shuguang) Electromechanical Parts Factory

Wenling Senke Mechanical and electrical accessories factory is located in the beautiful coast of the east zhejiang province wenling city reed cross town, has a unique manufacturing industry cluster advantage.

Wenling Senke Mechanical and electrical accessories factory was founded in 1987, formerly known as wenling shuguang hardware factory, with more than 30 years of development, we have been relying on advanced equipment, superb technology, high-tech testing equipment, using the advantage of professional Build belonged to him his own brand.

Enterprise is a collection of die, research and development, production, sales in a body comprehensive enterprise. Have all kinds of pressure casting, low pressure casting, gravity casting products such as the ability of design, development, production.

Products are exported to Germany, Italy, the United States, Taiwan, and so on more than 100 large and medium-sized cities and regions in China. Companies with professional technical team to undertake all kinds of requirements of aluminum die casting, strictly to ensure product quality, and to the best the customer service team, to provide you with high quality one-stop purchasing and after-sales service.

Enterprise as a motor products mainly supporting manufacturers, the main production of various specifications (IEC series, Y2 series, YS series, the series of JW, AO2 series) aluminum die-casting housing, the motor end cover, connection Box, punching net and other accessories.

Companies with professional team, strict management, excellent technology, strive to build "to seek development, to the service quality to win the world" "brand.