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IEC series big flange (B5)

  • Feature introduction
  • Installation method
  • Parameter

Ⅰ.The technical requirements

    1. Casting shall be aging treated

    2. Casting dimensional tolerance shall be in accordance with gb6414-86gt63. The

        roundness tolerance of the check shall not be greater than 150% of the

        dimensionaltolerance band, but the average tolerance isThe value should remain

        within the tolerance range

    3. The machining dimensions of unmarked tolerances are all in accordance with

         js14gb1804-795. The difference in the thickness of the check wall is no more 

        than 0.56.

Ⅱ.Bearing room size:IEC50=Φ30;IEC56=Φ32;IEC63=Φ32;IEC71=Φ35;IEC80=Φ47;IEC90=Φ52