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AO2 series horizontal stand

  • Feature introduction
  • Installation method
  • Parameter


    AO2 series motor is a new energy-saving motor series designed by China, which replaces the 

old series (AO). This series conforms to the recommendation standard of the international 

electrotechnical commission (IEC). Key technologies are verified in the design process. 

Electromagnetic design adopts electronic computer optimization. Suitable for ironing equipment, 

blower, medical equipment, textile, chemical industry, light industry, food machinery and other 

equipment, it is the ideal product of domestic supporting and export machinery, import

equipment supplement and replacement of motor


    motor has high efficiency and power factor, big locked-rotor torque, small vibration, low noise 

advantages, with international advanced. The technical performance indicators. The protection

class of motor housing is IP44

Installation mode: B3, B14