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JW series horizontal stand

  • Feature introduction
  • Installation method
  • Parameter


    JW series motors have the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, such 

as reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, excellent technical and 

economic index, convenient maintenance and good starting and running performance. 

The motor is widely used, all kinds of small mechanical equipment, medical instruments 

are suitable for transmission power.

    The installation type

        This series of motors are completely enclosed and self-cooled. The terminal box facing 

    the shaft is on the right side of the motor. There are four basic forms of installation.

            (1) horizontal machine base with foot, front end cover without flange IMB3

            (2) horizontal machine base with foot and small flange IMB3 on end cover

            (3) horizontal machine base without foot, end cover with small flange IMB14

Ⅱ.Conditions of use

    1) altitude ≤1000m, ambient temperature ≤+40℃.

    2) under rated conditions, temperature rise of stator winding is allowed: resistance 

        method 75℃, thermometer method 65℃.

    3) the protection grade of motor housing is IP44, E grade insulation, S1 working system.

Installation mode: B3 and B14