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Ys71 extension stand

  • Feature introduction
  • Installation method
  • Parameter


        YS series is derived from AO2 series of motors, it not only keeps AO2 series in line with international standards 

    and energy-saving advantages, but also in the corresponding relationship between the power level and the high 

    center, to facilitate the replacement and matching of domestic old and new motors. Suitable for ironing equipment, 

    blower, medical equipment, textile, chemical industry, light industry, food machinery and other equipment, it is the 

    ideal product of domestic supporting and export machinery, import equipment supplement and replacement of motor.


        the motor has the advantages of high efficiency and power factor, high blocking torque, small vibration, low noise, etc. 

    The protection grade of the motor shell is IP44, the cooling mode is IC0141, and the insulation grade is B, E or F. The 

    winding has good insulation performance and mechanical strength. The junction box is installed on the top of the motor 

    to facilitate the outgoing line from four directions.

Installation mode: B3, B14, B5